MOI – Mail Office Integration

Leverage your print-outs from your Portolan application with MOI to make them available anytime and wherever you are. MOI converts your print-outs fully automated into PDF, MS Word, or Excel documents and sends them by email to any desired recipient. Worldwide, logged, and formatted just like an Office document.

High Quality Presentations

MOI allows you to convert your AS/400 output data (e.g. queries) or standardized list outputs from your Portolan application into standard MS Office formats, such as Word or Excel. Output to PDF files is also possible. The conversion process also provides a facility to prepare your data in a way to meet your requirements in terms of presentation and design. The number of options is virtually unlimited. Include corporate logos, display numbers as bar codes, use colors to highlight important text parts, etc. All these edit options are used subject to the content of the printout since the program reads each line and decides, which format is used to best support the content.

Additional Information

Additional information is automatically included and added to the original content. Besides the visual editing, the interpretation of the data is also used to integrate additional pieces of information into the documents. This allows, for example, to include shipment terms or warnings in the print-out, or to add supplementary notes from external text modules, if the original print-out contains a specific note.

Automated Process

List contents can be individually transferred and sent on request. However, it is also possible to have these documents automatically created and sent by e-mail. In this case the application “monitors” when print-outs are created, converts them and sends the document to a recipient, which has either been specified by the user, or which is determined by MOI subject to the content of the document. This method requires no manual intervention. The complete workflow needs to be defined and activated once. After that the process is performed automatically.


Created documents can be either protected by defining a password or be made available to the recipient for further editing without any protective measures. All e-mail shipment activities are verified and continuously logged.


The converted documents can be displayed on the user’s screen. Another option is to store them on the network or send them to an individual e-mail address or a group of recipients.