DMI – Document Management Integration

Today, Document Management Systems (DMS) are more and more used to banish paper piles from offices. So, why shouldn’t you link your existing software solutions such as Portolan iEVM to these DMS systems?

Document Management Integration (DMI) is our latest solution. It provides an automated, highly integrated way of linking your Document Management System (DMS) to Portolan iEVM by accessing source documents directly from your Portolan application.

Extensive parameterizing options allow you to exactly define which documents are to be archived. The iEVM application is directly connected to the archive and the archived documents can be displayed using a function key.

This is how DMI can help you to improve your business:

  • easy to use
  • high flexibility
  • fast and easy adaptation to changed or new requirements
  • standardized processes for easy activation
  • release maintained
  • integration to third-party applications