DST – Data Storage Tool

With effect from January 1st, 2002, German tax authorities are entitled to audit all accounting data, which have been generated using data processing systems, by digital data access.

The underlying “Principles of Data Access and Verifiability of Digital Documents” (GDPdU; “Principles of Data Access and Verifiability of Digital Documents”) provide all rules to be applied in order to implement the right to access these data.

Access is confined to all tax-relevant data.

That is, all financial accounting, fixed asset accounting, and payroll accounting data have to be provided for access for their complete retention period.

However, since companies are using a variety of different accounting systems, a high training and information demand is required in order to be able to access these data.

With DST Data Storage Tool Portolan has the solution to this requirement. The tax-relevant data are extracted per company for all closed and audited fiscal years from the productive database of the used financial and fixed asset accounting system. Subsequently, the extracted data can be removed from the productive database using the available archiving tools. First of all, the figures from the archived data are automatically validated and potential differences are logged. Data are only imported into the DST database unless no differences have been determined during validation.

DST provides a large number of functions to display archived data from Financial and Fixed Asset Accounting.

The “drill down” function allows you to move from the account balances down to the individual posting vouchers. The voucher search function includes extensive selection options to support you in the analysis of posting vouchers.