FXM – Fixed Asset Management

Fixed Asset Management exceeds traditional asset accounting and expands it to create a central administration and control instrument for all assets. It allows you to manage all your company’s assets, not only the fixed assets. These include tangible and intangible assets, but also leased and financial assets.

Fixed Asset Management from Portolan lets you valuate your assets simultaneously according to national and international valuation rules, such as HGB, tax law, US-GAAP, and IAS/IFRS.


  • Internationality

Does your organization have international activities? If yes, you need a solution that is capable of being used globally. Do you agree with us that the term “Internationality” means much more than just the ability to communicate in multiple languages?

Then, we are the partner for you to support your international orientation in the future. Whether you need a pro rata depreciation for France, a declining balance method for Germany, or a quarterly depreciation in the USA – FXM supports many country specific procedures.

  • Valuations

Analysis of the effects on the depreciation of various valuation rules

  • Depreciation planning

Depreciation forecasts based on the current actual figures and the planning figures of future investments for any desired period

  • Additional information

Administration of technical and economical additional information including varied options for analyses

  • Auditing

Extensive selection options, e.g. selection of largest inward and outward movements in terms of value.

  • Valuation

Define different valuation methods for each asset depending on the prevailing legal valuation rules and your specific requirements.

Tax and commercial balance sheets allow only for narrow margins for valuations. FXM from Portolan® proposes the parameters for depreciation and lets you modify them only within the legally allowed limit. Thus, even less experienced staff can be put in charge of bulk asset acquisition. The system takes over control to ensure that only admissible depreciation parameters can be assigned.

For cost accounting purposes all depreciation and interest amounts are calculated on the basis of replacement values using an extended useful life. The index series used to calculate the replacement values are maintained by you according to the required degree. However, you can use different index series for insurance valuation purposes. To ensure comparableness of assets between different group companies, you valuate e.g. in USD or another foreign currency, but use a uniform depreciation standard.

  • Traceability

Tax auditors and chartered accountants are always able to follow the development of each asset.

  • Simulation

You get a strategic instrument, which allows you to anticipate and simulate changes to the valuation rules. If the depreciable life is changed in the official depreciation tables, the system helps you to decide whether to buy or lease an asset..

  • Up-to-date

Posting a voucher automatically updates all asset and account values. FXM immediately calculates the depreciation and net book values for all periods of the year.

  • Standard evaluations

Of course, FXM can create all important valuations, such as asset portfolios, gross or net asset movement schedules, acquisitions, transfer postings, disposals, depreciations, special items, allowances, insurances, leasing, etc. The integrated report generator provides a tool to analyse the values and information from the asset stock summarized per balance sheet line, account and per individual asset.