DWH – Data Warehouse

iEVM Data Warehouse represents a new integration layer that connects our welltried application database to downstream front-end systems (e.g. MIS systems, OLAP tools, etc.).

DWH allows you to collect customized data, such as management ratios or criteria for analyses (e.g. customer, item, etc.) in freely definable data structures, called data pools.

This facilitates the integration of operational cost accounting information into companywide Management Information Systems or reporting tools such as Cognos, EIS, Hyperion, etc.


  • Enables retrieval of data and information without any detailed knowledge of the Portolan database structure or any additional programming effort

  • The structure of the data pools can be defined to meet the user’s individual requirements on the information content

  • the dynamic and flexible information retrieval ensures a high degree of performance since only those data are transferred into Data Warehouse, which were defined by the user (no data overhead) The clearly-structured and simple design enables ECP key users to set up iEVM Data Warehouse independently. iEVM Data Warehouse is release oriented, i.e. extensive programming due to a new release is not required (in contrast to direct data retrieval from databases with customer-specific programs or data access!)

The iEVM Data Warehouse is a Portolan module, which offers significant advantages for all customers using downstream applications for centralized reporting or information retrieval.